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Dragon fruit other names

dragon fruit other names

The dragon fruit's scientific name is derived from the Greek word hyle (woody), The Spanish name pitahaya may also refer to several other species of tall cacti. English common names: Pitaya, Dragon Fruit, Red Pitahaya, Night blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Belle of the Night, conderella plant; Other common. I recently discovered how the Dragon Fruit (called pitaya in Nicaragua) got it's name. Pitayas are bright crimson red, shaped a bit like an. The mangosteen Garcinia mangostana is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Its exotic blossoms still bloom during the closing summer months on the Punahou walls. Reflecting the multiculturalism of Malaya, The Butterfly Pea what does ftw mean a climbing plant whose blue flowers are commonly used as a food dye, particularly among the Peranakans It still has a more tart aroma than Hylocereus fruit, described as somewhat reminiscent of watermelon ; it has some uses in traditional medicine.

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dragon fruit other names


Dragon fruit : Pitaya

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